Is It Just in Time Communications or UC?

Years back I coined a term Just in Time Communications (JITC) to encompass the idea of removing latency from human communications. Art Rosenberg is credited with coining the term Unified Communications and he often writes on the matter. JITC did not stick as a term but UC did.

The funny thing is Art’s most recent article talks about removing the latency from UC and reminds me exactly why I liked the term JITC to begin with — it is this human latency that needs to be removed from the equation.

I am not reopening the discussion of which term makes the most sense. I want the undustry to move forward and grow and term wars are really stupid. Plus, I really don’t have a few hundred million dollars lying around to compete with the Microsoft UC ad campaign.

Still, I thought it worth pointing out and sharing Art’s concluding paragraph which is really JIT-like.

The bottom line, however, for reducing human contact latency is that individual end users, whether inside or outside an organization, have to be able to initiate and respond to business contacts wherever they are, in whatever modality of contact is available to them, and as independently of the other parties as possible. The primary exception will remain synchronous conferencing (voice, video conversations) that are specifically “person-to-person.” This is where callers may benefit from “ASAP” (As Soon As Possible) call connections that will exploit federated presence and availability management technology along with “smart-phone” mobility. That combination will make a voice connection as soon as all parties are available and accessible.

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