Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search

Pretty amazing timing. I responded to Tom’s post on Technorati and blog search yesterday. I mentioned in my post that Google could launch a blog search service in no time flat. The time apparently was a few hours as that is the amount of time it took Google to announce a blog search tool after my post.

If I have one comment about Google and blog search it is, what took them so long. This was something they should have done a year ago. I am surprised we had to wait so long. Amazingly, Yahoo! And MSN had an opportunity to do this way before Google. This was an obvious need. There is a new blog created almost every second.

It is beyond me that Google was able to wait this long and still be the first major search engine to accomplish building a blog search tool.

Was everyone else sleeping or were they in the bidding process for Skype and just distracted?

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