Google in Your Brain and ITEXPO Update

For some reason when I hear Sergey Brin wants Google to be the third half of my brain I feel a bit freaked out. Partially because they already know what everyone wants, desires – how often we search for our Exes, how often we check porn, etc. Then again, the next step seems to be logically implanting themselves in our heads so why am I surprised?

I just hope the third brain they put in me is out of Beta.

Then again, I could use some help from the Google guys when keeping track of all the excitement and new events surrounding ITEXPO. The last few days since my most recent post on the show has been intense. ITEXPO is without a doubt the single must-attend conference of the fall and there is tremendous activity taking place such as new major sponsors and some of the most influential new conferees I have seen at live events. Flights are slowly creeping up in cost – As an FYI I just checked and found a few seats left at under $200 from New York to Los Angeles, so you want to act quickly to save money.

The first item of note is a blog post from Peter Radizeski on things you should be aware of at the show – there is a slant here towards presenters but still, it is worth a read for everyone. In addition, the PDF version of the show brochure is essential reading and was just updated.

The collocated LightWave One event has a must-read blog entry discussing some of the speakers at the event.

We have a new list which is admittedly rough in terms of being edited and it shows you many of the companies signed up to come to ITEXPO. We hope you’ll agree it is quite impressive and you likely want to come meet with many of the companies on the list.

In terms of new exhibitors, since a few days back, here they are:

  • Alcatel-Lucent added as sponsor of StartupCamp
  • Tantalus added as a Silver Sponsor to the Smart Grid Summit
  • Pishgaman Group Contracts for a Gold Sponsorship at ITEXPO
  • NTT Advanced Technologies division contracts for a booth at ITEXPO
  • Time Warner Contracts for Gold Sponsorship at the CVx event
  • Gridstore added to the MSPworld Exhibitor List
  • Esprida Corporation has contracted to be an exhibitor and Silver Sponsor of M2M Evolution
  • Sparxent contracts to exhibit at MSP World
  • Axacore Contracts for a booth at ITEXPO
  • Escene Communication Technology Co.,Limited  added to the ITEXPO
  • Global Partners Conference Contracts for a booth at the CVx event


Here are some of the new promotions which have been sent out in the last few days:

Verizon Wireless’ Neisinger to Deliver Keynote Address at 4G Wireless Evolution

4GWE is becoming a very serious wireless infrastructure event and we are thrilled to see it evolving to be more useful for you.

Fonality Trixbox FtOCC Certification

A very popular event for the open-source communications community and a few years back in LA one of these graduates won a car and I had the pr
ivilege of handing him the keys.

M2M Evolution Brochure is updated

Carl Ford gives us details.

Smart Grid Summit Keynote Announced

Lee Krevat, Director of Smart Grid, San Diego Gas & Electric and more.

Rich Tehrani updates you on ITEXPO and related events

Hey, that’s me. 🙂 My marketing team helped me with this and they get two thumbs up.

Social CRM Expo Update

Erik Linask tells us the details and more.

Smart Grid Summit Update

Scott Kargman gives us a nice overview of the conferences.


Typically I also alert you to news speakers and interviews in these messages but I’ll add those in a later post. You have 25 days to register for ITEXPO and related events – I hope to see you in Los Angeles.

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