Google Leverages Home Page to Promote Nexus Tablet

Google has been “different” for over a decade because the company always resisted overt advertising seen throughout the web. Through the entire pop-up era where so many websites capitulated and ran ads for security cameras and other items, Google stood almost alone.


But as you can see from the page above – click to enlarge, Google has now decided to use its premium real estate – the home page to run ads. The first ad is for the company’s Nexus tablet.

Sure, the company has been making sponsored links look more and more like regular ads over the past few months and years – this trend isn’t new for the company. Moreover, we have seen the company promote Chrome and other software products in the past – most of these however have been free products.

For those people who said the company would become “evil” shortly after becoming a public company – you may be right (assuming you consider this sort of behavior to be bad.” For those of you who said the Motorola Mobility acquisition was “stupid” well perhaps you are wrong if the company rings up massive sales as a result of perhaps the best marketing strategy on the internet.

Will public backlash be so great that the search leader is forced to change course? We’ll see – but if people are OK with Amazon promoting Kindles on its home page then perhaps Google too can get away with this new method of promotion.


The question now is what sorts of ads will we see next and will Google start to let others promote themselves on the web’s perhaps most prime real estate. 

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