Siminoff’s POP Station Charger a Winner

Tech rock star Jamie Siminoff is at it again. The inventor of Simulscribe/Phonetag transcription service has a new design lab to create unique products and services called Edison Junior. The company’s first product is called POP – the company bills it as the intersection of charging and design.

It is an absolutely great device in that it helps solve a problem many families and workers have – how to keep all their devices charged all the time.


We often make trade-offs with our gadgets because we worry about battery life. I often jump on WiFi networks instead of 4G because doing so consumes less battery. Still, sometimes these WiFi networks have spots where they don’t work so well – leaving my devices hung while they try to download data. Moreover, I often turn the screen brightness down on my devices so they last as long as possible. This certainly doesn’t make them easier to look at.

Like many other charging devices, POP helps alleviate some of these issues. I say some because the device isn’t small; it’s the size of a small jar of jelly beans – 6.45” tall by 5” wide. The good news is from the video, it looks heavier than the 3.5 pounds the company says it will weigh when it ships.

POP offers some unique charging features like a 26,000 mAh battery and a cost of $149 which is great charging bang for the buck. You can charge six devices simultaneously and there are four built-in, retractable cords for Apple devices and Micro USB. Two USB ports are provided to charge any device you like.


Perhaps the best part of the charger is each powered device has access to a 2.1A power source – which is better than most other chargers on the market which may give you one of these high-powered ports. The result is faster device charging while being able to use the device at the same time. You can charge an iPad with less than 2.1A but it works best when the iPad is off. It comes in two models, the POP Station which has no battery and a POP portable which can charge a total of 10 iPhones.

Another great feature is being able to charge devices while the POP itself is charging. 

POPs are great for conference rooms and lobby areas, the portable unit is great for conferences/seminars and any place people gather away from power outlets. The portable unit is also great to keep your devices powered when the power goes out.

The top of the device opens to store cords and there is a connector for a potential add-on solar top and/speakerphone in the future.

The only challenge I see with POP is although it does look nicer than other chargers on the market, it resembles a garbage can which Apple might design. Not that this means it isn’t worthy of purchase, it still looks trendy and I am sure if it came from Apple, every person on earth – including those in the third-world would stand in line to get one.

Also, I am hoping Ultrabook makers start to give us more USB charging options so we can take advantage of POP as a charging system. Likewise, I hope Apple does the same with its portable computers. 

I think Jamie has a winner here – the one constant in life is there is never enough juice to power our gadgets. Thanks to POP – this challenge has lessened quite a bit.

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