Google Listen: The Mobile Platform Wars Have Begun



Google today unveiled Listen, an application which allows users of the company’s Android devices to search for content in podcasts based on keywords in the headline and description of the content. To me the incredible thing about this application is that it doesn’t work with the iPhone, Windows Mobile or Nokia devices. No, this app is Android only at the moment. And while we may seem “Listen” on other platforms soon, for now Google has the potential to use the app to push sales of Android devices.

Google needs to walk a fine line between developing applications which have the ability to be used by the largest potential audience possible while at the same time they need to ensure Android is differentiated in the market with unique applications. What I like about this app in particular is that it leverages something Google does well, search and extends it nicely while users are on the go. And as it so happens, finding interesting podcasts is something many users grapple with so it will be interesting to see if the app gets extended out to the Pre and other gadgets and if this move marks a new trend of Android specific apps for Google.

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