Hot Communications Trends August 20, 2010

I recently received a TMCnet What’s Hot in VoIP newsletter which had a number of stories worth sharing. First off is Comcast who is losing VoIP share to competitors but is still moving forward with plans for WiFi roaming and philanthropy. I have noticed Time Warner WiFi hotspots popping up all around TMC HQ in Norwalk, CT but have yet been able to connect to the service. If I do, I will keep you posted on my impressions.

Avaya recently received some accolades from Gartner and made their “so called” Magic Quadrant as a leader. CounterPath for its part has just upgraded its Bria software to 1.1 and the good news it supports multitasking and up to 8 accounts. You can read all about it on Speedflow Communications VoIP Software Global Online Community.

Other interesting news is Line2 the celebrated wireless VoIP software company is celebrating its one-year anniversary and Damaka has a new cross-platform video conferencing solution for the iPhone. There is so much more news about companies like Level 3, Brilliant Telecommunications, Skype, Hughes and more.

Check out the newsletter for details.

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