How Nordstrom Has Adopted The Latest Technology

For about two decades we have heard about the death of brick-and-mortar at the hands of technology like the Internet but Nordstrom’s is one retailer who seems to be embracing many aspects of technology in order to boost sales not only online but in its stores. For example, in May of this year it was revealed that the company was working with a company called Euclid in order to track customer movements throughout the store using the company’s WiFi network.


In February of 2007, the company acquired online flash sales site HauteLook for $180 million and more recently rolled out a HauteLook app which has accelerated the company’s sales.

In the online world, Nordstrom is doing well with over four million Pinterest followers. The company decided to take this to the next level by marking the top pinned products with a mini red letter “P.”

This is important because people for the most part want what other people want – that is what fashion is all about. The letter P reinforces your decision – it’s like a community of online friends validating your purchase. It’s the equivalent of an online retailer flashing its “best selling items” when you do a search for any product and it is a smart move on the Nordstrom’s part.

The next step could be using the company’s mobile Nordstrom app to pin items – currently the company’s app allows an item to be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter… You are also able to add it to a wish list.

The point is that although the Internet has definitely made it more challenging for retailers – these brick-and-mortar establishments can leverage technology to become more competitive and fight back with the same tech which is taking their sales.

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