How to Sell Communications Products This Fall

I know we are in a recession and everything is supposed to be gloom and doom, etc. but please indulge me as I remind many of you just how important it is in these tough times to get new customers.

It is for this reason I feel compelled to remind you ITEXPO has become the world’s communications conference – the place you need to go to find new products and services. As a result, vendors/exhibitors were thrilled with ITEXPO in Miami this past January.



We have crafted ITEXPO from the beginning to appeal to buyers – it has always been a show where they can find the solutions they can implement today.

And as communications technologies have shown themselves to make companies more efficient and productive while saving them money, ITEXPO naturally became the gathering place for decision-makers around the globe who want to buy products and services.

Of course I am biased so if you want to see photos from the last show you can check them out here. The video below offers more of the experience and captures the energy and buyers while showing you how exhibitors fared this very year – in their own words.

I look forward to welcoming the entire communications industry at our next event September 1-3, 2009 in Los Angeles.

BTW: This video is a must watch by corporate execs that haven’t been to ITEXPO recently and are SURE no one goes to shows and have cut budgets accordingly. If you are in this category please click this link as well.

Our attendee numbers are starting strong once again and as always ITEXPO will be one of the best if not the best communications event of the year – attracting big numbers of quality decision-makers in numerous markets.

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