ITEXPO East 2009 Blog Roundup

Yesterday, a number of people blogged about ITEXPO and discussed what they will be doing at the show. It seemed like a good weekend project to assemble some of these posts in one place so you can join in the conversation or just keep track of some of the happenings from various points of view.

Dan York mentions on his Disruptive Telephony blog that he is looking to connect with people at the show. Here is what he has to say:

I’ll be arriving Monday afternoon and then on Tuesday, February 3rd, I’ll be donning my VOIPSA VoIP Security hat to participate in a SIP Trunking Workshop sponsored by Ingate Systems on “SIP Trunking And Security“. These workshops are always fun to do and as they are free to anyone attending ITEXPO (even just with an exhibit pass), they are usually well-attended. I’ll be bringing my recording gear, too, and the talk will eventually go out in my Blue Box Podcast feed so you will be able to hear it later.

David Byrd will also be at the show and has the following to say on his SIP and Serve by a Foodie blog:

This week we announced interoperability with Panasonic’s new NCP IP PBX and we released the new IP MAN Adventure featuring AudioCodes, episode 5. The new villainess, Echo, is scheduled for launch during the week of IT Expo. It’s a fun story with an exciting storyline featuring Panasonic. Like the duck paddling on a pond, our calm exterior hides the furious effort below the water line.

This year you will see new messaging, new booth skins, ads, collateral and other still secret stuff.

Why are we doing all of this?

For one thing, SIP Trunking is still the lesser-known stepsister to VoIP. Additionally, it is really unknown compared to the TDM/legacy network offerings. We have to blow our/the IP community horn loudly and often.

 No you are not dreaming, I was immortalized in the latest IP Man episode. Hint — I am not wearing the cape. 😉


As you may recall, IP Man was highlighted at the keynote at ITEXPO in LA — This super hero works tirelessly with his simian companion to fight the enemies of VoIP which in past episodes were identified as noise and jitter. Future villains could even include complacency. 😉

Here is the IP Man site for your viewing pleasure. It contains comics and videos.

Microsoft’s Richard Sprague has some great comments about the show as well:

One more week and I’ll be off to Miami for ITExpo East.  I don’t usually look forward to trade shows, but I really enjoyed the last one and we have so many cool things planned that I can’t wait to get there. 

The organizer, Rich Tehrani, wrote a nice summary of what we’ll be doing there publicly, but it’s actually the behind-the-scenes parts that have me interested.

There are plenty of good reasons to visit South Florida in February, but if you need another one, this is it.  Let me know, and I’ll get you a free pass.

IP communications analyst Jon Arnold has some detailed comments on the show – here is a short excerpt:

TMC’s ITExpo East 2009 event is quickly approaching, and I wanted to provide some updates.

First, I wanted to mention a nice gesture TMC is doing to help out those who been recently impacted by our weak economy. Rich Tehrani posted about this last week, and it’s worth repeating here. TMC is offering free conference passes to industry people who are recently out of work. If this speaks to you or someone you know, please have a look at Rich’s post for the details. Nicely done, TMC!

On my front, I’ll be quite busy at the Expo. First off, I’ll be moderating two sessions:

One of TMCnet’s newest bloggers Allen Miller had this to say – pretty funny guy — can’t wait to read more from him. 🙂

I don’t know if associating with me will hurt their credibility but –, the Web Publishing organization that is putting on IT EXPO in two weeks in Miami, invited me to write a blog there. It’s supposed to be a pretty busy site – I’m going to give it a try – we’ll see if anyone can find me there.

My section is at:


I am certainly looking forward to this event and moreover I am excited to learn how the nimble communications professionals who come to this show are navigating the current financial situation. I hope to learn more about communications opportunities. What are customers saying these days? What are the hot buttons? What does the rural telco need to keep them competitive? What does the Latin American wireless service provider need? What about the SMB in Georgia – the state and country or the enterprise in NYC?

There is just so much I want to get out of this show and the excitement is mounting. As always I will keep you posted from the event but to really understand the opportunities at hand and most importantly the pitfalls to avoid, you have to come to ITEXPO yourself Feb 2-4, 2009 in Miami.

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