ITEXPO East 2010 Miami a Great Success Thanks to You

A humble thank you to my followers who came out in support of ITEXPO this past week in Miami. Thank you conferees who braved a tough economic climate and came to the show. I also want to extend appreciation to the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees at the show. In addition, thanks to our many partners who contributed greatly to the success of this week of events.

Most people told me this was the best ITEXPO ever – in terms of both quality and quantity. In reality the number of attendees dropped 10% from last year – but if you recall, last year – in the middle of the financial crisis, the attendance was up 15%.
Still, many aisles at the show were busy for 3 entire days, making me wonder if the attendees who were there had more interest than ever and spent a record amount of time in the exhibit hall.
In addition there was so much more to see at this show including new technologies and events such as 4G, M2M, cloud telephony, startup camp telephony, smart grid and many others.
What does the success of this event mean for the health of communications and technology? Well, as I have been saying all along, if you are a responsive company, and have great products and promotion, you can do very well in the market. There is tremendous demand to save money and increase productivity and if you are innovative, customers will buy from you – even in a tough market.

This should be a strong lessen that consistent investment in R&D, PR and marketing are essential to maintain and even gain share of market.

Yes, there is pressure on the high-end of the market in part from Asian manufacturers who wreak havoc on companies which do not operate a lean ship. But cheap competition is not new and innovation and branding are two ways to win the war against commoditization.
Here is the summary of attendance:
2010 Total Attendance
Paid Conference
Exhibit Hall VIPs
Service Provider
System Integrator

Here are some of the happenings from the show – in reality this is just a fraction of all the exciting things which took place and my team will be going through more of the video footage and posting it soon. Here is the ITEXPO East 2010 video page where you can see all of the interviews.

Andy Abramson wine dinner – thanks Andy!

Dennis Jordan from Invisosoft wins a new car at the show

Startup Camp Telephony launches and is a massive success

Ontario Delegation hots a party to record crowds


On the lighter side – Vitelity adds some excitement to the show

Telco 2.0 session gets a lot of interest

Mitel Announces MVNO service

Danny Windham Digium CEO Keynotes to a full house

Skype CSO captivates the crowds

Yahoo Keynote of great interest

More video interviews

Global IP Solutions

Altitude Software

Interactive Intelligence


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