ITEXPO West 2009 Attendance Figures

Attendees shake off black swans and come to the show in large numbers

The results are in for ITEXPO West 2009. This is the second year in a row where some major black swan event took place the day before the show kicked off. Last year it was Lehman collapsing which sparked fears of a depression. This year it was wildfires and news media that hyped the incident in a manner which led many to believe the whole state was on fire.

Still, with significant headwinds, the total attendance was up 3% from last year – due to increased buyers in the exhibit hall.

Of the 6,109 in attendance, those from the enterprise comprised 28.5 percent. Service providers accounted for 26 percent. Resellers/integrators constituted 31.8 percent of attendees and developers/manufacturers made up the remaining 13.7 percent.

Thank you all for attending and also thanks to all the companies who hosted dinners and receptions. Andy Abramson and his team hosted a great “wine dinner” which coupled some of the best food you’ll ever eat with a discussion of the wines being served based on his personal experience. Here is a video.

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