ITEXPO West 2010 Show Guide Available

The ITEXPO West 2010 Show Guide is here and if you are flying to the show – you may want to download it to your Kindle/laptop/iPad/netbook/smartphone or print it. I am on the plane now and we have the equivalent of a 300 baud modem’s worth of bandwidth so I can’t download it but as I recall it is over 100 pages and gives you a solid overview of the dozen conferences taking place next week.

In addition it shows you the exhibit hall with over 200 exhibitors and which sections correspond to which technology.

I have this dream that I will have enough time to go through the directory and point to some of the interesting highlights in a blog post.

We’ll see how that works out.

Here is the PDF and it is fairly compressed down to 5 Megs as I recall – we may be getting a higher res one soon as well in case you have the bandwidth.

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