It’s NEVER too Late to Start Digital Transformation

Is it ever too late for your company to start a digital transformationWayne Dunn CTO and SVP HarborOne Bank.jpg process? Let me answer that with another question. Are you ever too old to run a marathon? Interestingly, in 2011, a 100-year-old did run one and finish in over eight-hours. Coincidentally, we just came across a company, long-in-the-tooth that just completed a digital transformation project.

Specifically, the 100 year-old bank, just replaced an existing vendor – Aspect, with Enghouse Interactive because they wanted their call center to work more seamlessly with their Microsoft Skype For Business UC solution. Wayne Dunn (pictured), CTO and SVP, HarborOne Bank told me Enghouse is a much more responsive company and has enabled the bank to have truly multimodal interactions including multiple chats.

Think this through for a second – sometime back Microsoft committed a huge some of money to work more closely with Aspect in the call center space. They did the same with Nortel (now Avaya) – across the company’s entire spectrum of products. But at least one customer is ignoring these choices and instead, deciding to work with Enghouse. What happened?

According to Wayne, the strength of the Enghouse solution comes from its very tight integration with Skype for Business, allowing their agents to engage branch managers and other workers in collaborative sessions with customers to maximize first contact resolution. This something they couldn’t get from other vendors.

What this story shows us is, you’re organization can always improve – there is always a way to make you more productive and efficient. You just need to look around and make good decisions. Finally, communications is the low hanging fruit of digital transformation – the first place to look to make or save money.

The communications digital transformation event we need now!

Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20, 2017 at Caesars Palace,


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