Thumbnail image for vikram-saksena.jpgTMC is very excited to announce that Sonus CTO Vikram Saksena will be a keynote speaker at ITEXPO  this September. Saksena is responsible for the advanced technology direction in which Sonus heads and as such he is in a tremendous position to help service providers understand carrier technology is going.

Sonus is a leader in the IP communications space and they have accomplished a great deal over the years. They have successfully taken on much larger players in the IP communications equipment space and done a great job.

What can you learn from Saksena? How about — Is IMS important to your success? What applications are generating real revenue worldwide? Where can service providers save money while increasing flexibility?

These are just some of the areas where he will focus and I am excited to hear him speak. Be sure to be at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo West 2007 September 16-18 in Los Angeles, CA.

Here is Saksena’s full bio and an interview I had with him recently

Vikram Saksena, chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, Vikram Saksena is responsible for Sonus’ advanced technology direction, guiding the future development of Sonus’ wireless solutions, and increasing Sonus’ technical focus on external audiences and government agencies.

Vikram has over twenty years of senior management experience in the telecom and cable market. Before Sonus, he spent sixteen years at AT&T building their data network services, software and network infrastructure for Frame Relay, ATM, and IP. He became an AT&T fellow and chief technologist of the Data Networking Business Unit, responsible for service and technology innovations around IP quality of service, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and IP-voice. Previously he served as chief technology officer and vice president of engineering of two start-up companies, MaxComm Technologies and Narad Networks, focusing on the development of next generation technologies for the DSL and cable markets. Vikram has published over one hundred papers and has been awarded over fifteen patents. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a senior member of the IEEE.

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