The Importance of Communications

Do we realize the importance of what we do? I have been thinking about this question a great deal lately. I see the amazing technology being developed by the entire industry and I just can’t help but wonder – do we realize how important we are to the world economy. I am far from an economist but I know that when productivity improves so does the standard of living. And few technologies have allowed productivity to skyrocket like IP communications. We take it for granted but software allows me to communicate with my coworkers and family more effectively than ever before. I am connected when I want to be and on my own terms.

The mobile phone too has changed the way we live. I remember a time when you were in a car and running late for an appointment – there was no way to call to let the other party know of your tardiness. Now your cell phone can not only let you call but it gives you turn-by-turn directions and allows you to surf the web, send email, etc.

IP has also allowed work to move anywhere. Everywhere! You can hire a person in a country you never visited and monitor their progress as if they were in the next room.

Communications technology is also green – very green. Sure an IP phone like any other piece of electronics can have some toxic components and uses electricity but with it you can work from home as if you are in the office. You can cease driving and still be part of the corporate infrastructure.

Telepresence is the closest approximation to being there we have today and avatars may allow us to virtually beam ourselves anywhere we like.

So be proud of yourself. Whether you purchase, resell or manufacture communications products or services you are a vital cog in the communications industry and you are making the world a better, more productive and greener place. Our industry doesn’t have the “environmental cache” of the organic food industry but when you think about, it perhaps it should.

  • pretty mauel
    November 14, 2008 at 1:25 am

    What Is The Importance Of Communication?
    Communication plays a very important role in my everyday living, especially being a student, whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Through this, I can exchange information or opinion with my classmates. I can express my thoughts to my professors during our recitation and other activities in class. I can also share my experiences and ideas to my friends. And it is the life in a relationship.
    I start and end up my day with communication with my friends, classmates, family and God. And all day long I keep on communicating with people around. I communicate in many ways like; I can say “hi” through my smile, show disagreement through my facial expression, say “bye” through my hand signal and everything through my actions. I can also speak to God through my prayers. For instance I go to school, how do I know how much is the fare in a jeepney if I ask the driver and there is no respond? There is no exchange of message. How can I recite in class if I will not speak? I might get low grades then. How can I make suggestions and comments? How will my professor assure that I understand the lesson? How do I tell my friends, “guys I have stories to tell!”, or even say to my mom, “ma, I miss u”, or praise my classmate, “you look good today!”
    Life would be difficult if there is no communication. And I couldn’t imagine life without this. There will be no connection of people .There might no lovers because there is no mutual understanding between the two. Communication is really important to everybody in all aspects. And it makes everything easy, to express our feelings and thoughts, to respond to a question, to react in a situation, to ask, to understand, to praise and so on.

  • Jane
    February 27, 2010 at 7:51 am

    I totally agree with every word you written about Importance of Communications

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