The Smart Product Ecosystem and 2D Barcodes

Yesterday I discussed TMC’s evolution to a company growing rapidly by building communities in a number of new topical areas. One such space is the smart ecosystem market which focused on the rich relationships between partners in various markets. For example the iPhone app store is a huge ecosystem as is Avaya’s DevConnect program. I also mentioned yesterday that TMC is partnering with experts in other areas to combine our community building technology and infrastructure with the absolute best content available.

Our smart ecosystem industry site is called SPEC and this stands for Smart Products Ecosystem Connections and our partners on this initiative are Mary Cronin, professor of Boston College and Crossfire Media. Mary is a well-respected authority on the subject of intelligent ecosystems and we are thrilled to be working with her and her team.

There is some incredible and thought provoking content coming from Mary and others and you will want to visit the Smart Products or SPEC page on a regular basis to stay informed. One of the most interesting recent articles I came across discusses Neustar and NeoMedia and their relationship in the 2D barcode space which has the potential to link print and product codes to rich media and consumer engagement.

Here are where all of Mary’s articles live – I hope you find her writing as excellent and useful as I do.

Here are a few more articles of interest from the site:

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