Thoughts on ThinkGeek Customer Service


I’m on the phone with ThinkGeek because I purchased something which they shipped incorrectly. I tried email and didn’t get a response. They do say there is a 48-hour window which technically ends tomorrow but I’m not very patient.

Interestingly the hold time via phone is 88 minutes for the 11th person in the queue. The hold time for chat is shorter – I’m 44th in the queue and the hold time is around 24 minutes. That’s under 30 seconds per person, as opposed to eight minutes by phone.

During the holidays I suggest companies answer email more quickly, otherwise impatient customers like me get frustrated and tie up the phone and chat queue simultaneously.

One other thought – their on-hold music is atrocious. Waterboarding has nothing on the ThinkGeek hold-music DJ.

Having said that I really do love the site but even though I am a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek – (does that make me ambi-geekstrous?) I think they overdo the amount of merchandise devoted to these and other TV shows/movies. I prefer more gadgets. Then again, the reason for this focus is likely because these items can’t easily be found less expensively on Amazon.

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