TMC Gets Written up in Norwalk Hour Newspaper

I am fortunate that I get to speak reporters about my company from time to time and whenever I do I always worry until the article comes out. Reporters are busy (speaking from experience) and they don’t always get all the facts right. I always blame myself when this happens – after all if you communicate in a clear, concise manner with an organized, structured system of segueing between topics, it is much easier to follow.

Personally I have sat in briefings with charismatic tech leaders who spend 30 minutes talking and when I look at my notes, I wonder what the heck was said. Someday I vow to teach classes on how to speak with the media but in the mean time I am very proud to say that TMC was just written up in the Norwalk Hour – our local newspaper. We even made the front page of the business section.

The article written by Chris Bosak is one of the most accurate articles I have ever seen. He absorbed my fast-talking, excited, enthusiastic rambling, took notes on paper and produced something I could read and say – hey this is exactly what we do. Thanks Chis – great article and thanks to the Norwalk Hour, the TMC team, our customers – readers, sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, partners and suppliers.

Here is the article (registration required) and some excerpts.

While some media companies downsize and struggle to gain back employees, Norwalk-based TMC has grown to the point where it needed more space.

The company also produces live events and produces videos for customers, but its various “communities” on the Internet are now TMC’s core business.

The communities are geared toward a specific audience and TMC staffers and freelancers produce stories related to the subject. The sites, most of which are sponsored, are constantly updated as new stories and news become available.

Content volume helps the communities reach the top of Internet search engines. That is attractive to the sponsors of the communities.

“We’re selling premium real estate,” Tehrani said. “This is ocean-front real estate. By working with us, our sponsors rank high on a specific subject area.”

TMC currently has 130 communities — from next generation communications to headsets — and at least 15 in development. Rich Tehrani said the company will eventually expand beyond the technology arena.

Tehrani said companies want to sponsor sites because they can not replicate the volume of stories produced by TMC.

“Companies can’t accomplish this on their own. They try,” Rich Tehrani said. “My father used to say: ‘If you don’t market, you don’t exist.’ Now you can say: ‘If you don’t show up on the first page of search engines, you don’t exist.

“The most important part of the transformation was taking a publishing company and turning it into a media company powered by technology,” he added. “Advertising is a commodity so we differentiate ourselves by developing targeted communities.”

Not everything TMC has done over the years has been a success, but the company has never been afraid to try something new. That attitude has helped the company survive 38 years, Rich Tehrani said.

“The most important thing we’ve been able to do is react quickly and evolve,” he said. “We’re not afraid to fail. We’re not afraid to make mistakes. You learn from it and do better next time.”

Nadji Tehrani, who at 74 still shows up for work every day, said hiring the right people is another key to success for any company.

“We have a great staff,” he said. “Everyone works hard. That’s one of the things that makes me very proud — to have this many quality people.”

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