TMC Launches Business Video Site

During the dotcom boom I launched a company called Infofill whose goal it was to help companies who needed content for their Web sites. As I envisioned it, every company needed to become a media company and as such needed articles, audio and eventually TV studios.

As the bubble burst, the idea morphed into over 120 sponsored news-powered channels and communities which are a major factor in the success of TMC and TMCnet.

Interestingly I turned the dotcom idea inside out to make it work and now, many companies have chosen to partner with TMC for a number of reasons such as having access to content producers, designers, SEO experts, analytics professionals and more importantly, many of our customers want to leverage the proprietary content management system we have built to optimize content dissemination to the most interested audience possible.

I had a moment of déjà vu as I read an article from Steve Vonder Haar, Research Director and Founder, Interactive Media Strategies. Steve’s company has partnered with TMCnet to build content focusing on business video. We built an industry site in fact which disseminates information via articles and unsurprisingly videos.

This is how the Business Video Industry Site looks on TMCnet


By the way, an industry site could potentially have its own channels and Global Online Communities — meaning for example someone could sponsor a mobile video channel or perhaps a video production or streaming community.

It goes without saying that virtually all Web sites will leverage video to communicate with customers and the growth rates of video will continue to boggle the mind.

To quote Steve:

Simply put, video is going to be huge. And I don’t mean huge in the “Google (NewsAlert) buys YouTube” sense. Rather, think more about a “huge” that implies a pervasive presence over time for video in every digital venue you can imagine. Think about an era of video ubiquity.

In our research at Interactive Media Strategies, we have developed a fundamental belief that video will evolve into a type of data that can be integrated into every software application you use and every Web site you visit.

And this means more than just using YouTube (NewsAlert) to tap into a late-night comedy skit or home family video blooper. That’s kid’s stuff. Rather, video adoption heralds a new age of digital development that is serious business.

Just as sites disseminate the written word via blogs, audio via podcasts and PowerPoints via webcasts, the next step is video. The modes of communications continue to mount and as they do companies have to figure out what blend of technologies is ideal in their case.

Rest assured however that as the world gets more complicated the difference between winners and losers in many markets will be levels of marketing prowess coupled with effective online communications. What do you need to be aware of? Some areas include Twitter, Linkedin, email newsletters/marketing, telephone marketing, Facebook, podcasts, SEO, community building, blogs, webinars, trade shows, banner ads, splash pages, event marketing, video, and traditional and new forms of advertising… It’s no wonder most marketing departments have surgically implanted ball bearings into their necks so their heads can rotate freely.

In order to assist forward-thinking companies, TMC and Interactive Media Strategies are devoting our resources to produce serious and important content in the business video space so you may start reading and watching now to keep up.

It took ten years for the market to catch up to where I hoped it would be someday and I am thankful for your loyalty to TMC and our partners over the decades – always following us via print publications, live events and now online communities and industry sites.

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