TMC Moves to New Headquarters Next Month


I just got back from taking a tour of final construction at the new TMC headquarters we will be moving to in February. It has been an exhilarating experience to have been in the communications and tech markets these past decades. I can’t imagine any industry seeing as much change as we have – at the nexus of communications, tech and media transformation.

Our company is 38 years-old this year and the change in our products and services and competitive set over the last four decades has been beyond incredible.

IP and the internet really do change everything!

The company was founded in the basement of my house by my father in 1972 and has grown to be a world force in communications and tech media, reaching millions of global decision-makers per month via four magazines, ITEXPO and related events and our Web site TMCnet.

Like most media companies we have seen print revenue decline as


the shift to online has taken place.

Thankfully we were ready for this change and as it continues to happen, we continue to see robust online business and expect big things for 2010. One of our more popular products is news-generated online communities which include such topics as Small Business VoIP, Next Generation Communications and well over 100 others.

I believe TMC’s communities are the ultimate solution to the transformation of media, allowing highly-targeted news to be presented to readers in a form they appreciate while allowing sponsors to build a community based on a topical area which is important to them.

Many customers use these communities to augment their search engine efforts and/or social media offerings – affording them the opportunity to sponsor related news and links which tend to rank very high.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you – the readers, advertisers, sponsors and the TMC team for allowing me to make an announcement regarding moving to a much larger and newer office at a time when most companies have chosen to do the opposite.

We have literally run out of space at 1 Technology Plaza and our new office will be twice as big.

With this move we are making a future investment in the TMC team as well as our customers and sponsors. We will have a better newsroom, more space for editors and artists and more amenities for our team (no I am not forgetting accounting, circulation, marketing, sales, MIS and others 🙂 ) allowing them to enjoy their work environment more than ever and of course be even more productive.

Our new address will be:

800 Connecticut Avenue
1st Floor East
Norwalk, CT 06854

We are moving to the River Park Building a single exit away from 14 to 13 off I95 and will be located across the street from Costco/Bertuccis and the exit 13 exit off ramp. I will give you official word when we move in with perhaps a photo or two.

Once again, my sincere thanks to you all for being part of the reason we can announce the good news and I am looking forward to success for the industries we serve as well as the US and global economy in the upcoming year and beyond.

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