TMCnet Interop 2009 Video Interviews Beginning to Post

Last week at Interop my team conducted over 100 interviews with thought leaders at the show. Topics discussed include green switching, testing, Ethernet, cloud computing and more. So far, half a dozen of the videos have been posted and more are being added continually. I hope you find them helpful.

I have embedded some of these for your immediate viewing pleasure. Here is the page which will store all of these videos.

Chris Loeffler, Global Applications Manager and Lennart Jonsson, Vice President Technology, Eaton


Kevin Goulet, Senior Marketing Director, Enterprise WLAN, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Motorola



Neil Anderson, Vice President, Global Services Unit, Spirent


Kevin Gavin, VP of Marketing, Shoretel



Kevin Ryan, Director, Data Center Solutions, Extreme Networks


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