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We have spent a considerable amount of time rearchitecting the TMC video site to be more friendly with Apple products which don’t support Flash. Our solution has a few parts and for those of you who like video, here are some options. On an iPhone/iPod you can just go to where you will be presented with a video option showing some of our more recently recorded videos as well as recent stories. We have an iPad 3G on order and will test this site out on the device when Apple releases it.

For the past few months we have developed software which transcodes our Flash videos to H.264 files which run on the iPod, iPad and iPhone. This is how we fueled the above iPhone specific site.

Now we have gone one step further and connected our video site so that when you click on a Flash video with the appropriate Apple device, the H.264 version will be sent to you. Most of our videos will run on you smartphone/tablet but some of the earlier ones haven’t been converted. Here is the video site. I hope you enjoy it.

  • stonee
    April 22, 2010 at 5:35 am

    did you develop a software which can convert video of flash to ipad online, just we are watching it? And what is the different between it and local software, like ifunia video converter to ipad on mac?

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