Uber News Involves Sexual Harassment While Waze Competes


The news of the week wasn’t great for Uber as a result of sexual harassment claims by workers via a blog post from Susan Fowler. USA Today reported that hours after the blog was posted, Uber opened an investigation led by Liane Hornsey, the company’s new chief of human resources and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

There is never a good time to have news like this take over the collective consciousness but when a Google-funded company, Waze decides to make noise about its ride-sharing competition… You know the stars aren’t aligned for you.

We first broke the news about the ride-sharing plans Uber had up its sleeve last August but just today, the company says it will expand this service to new cities.

Waze’s prices also differentiate it from Uber and Lyft. According to the Journal, a ride from downtown Oakland, Calif. to downtown San Francisco costs a mere $4.50, where the same trip using either UberPool or Lyft Line is $10.57 and $12.40, respectively. To prevent drivers from using Waze as their main source of income, notes the Journal, riders only pay drivers $0.54 per mile, which is the current IRS reimbursement rate.

The Fowler blog could be an example of why we’ve seen a decline of women in computing. There have been reports that the male-dominated world of tech is often inhospitable for women. And that’s not good for women or for the economy or the workplace as a whole given that there’s a dire shortage of skilled professionals in tech.

TMC is working to raise awareness of such issues as well via its Tech Culture Awards program. It’s dedicated to bringing this kind of important information to light and recognizing those companies that are effecting positive change in the workplace. We invite you to explore and participate in the TMC Workplace Excellence Award program including the Tech Culture Award, the Tech Diversity Award, and the Social Responsibility Award.

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