VON Shows Over

A Community Service Message

I have been pretty silent about what has happened with Pulvermedia and the VON events because frankly, everyone else seemed to be covering the fact that the events are no longer taking place.

Also, TMC used to compete head to head with thee VON events so I thought it poor taste to discuss their demise. Having said that, I was at a recent event where I heard horror stories of people showing up for VON Amsterdam — only to find out there was no VON Amsterdam. Commenters in the blogosphere have echoed the same sentiments.

So I wanted to make sure I went on record letting people in the communications industry know that Pulvermedia is shut down. If you want to check for yourself feel free to call or email them.

Although I have debated writing this post I wanted to make sure I stopped companies from wasting their valuable resources by traveling to an event that isn’t happening. Please see this post for important details and follow the comments here for play by play action.

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  • Jeanne
    July 17, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I am shocked that people still think the show is on. The website is still promoting VON Amsterdam and Virtual VON, both of which never occured. The exhibitor list has not been updated since March. And the final straw is that the phone lines to Pulver Media have been disconnected for months.

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