Zippy’s Thoughts on ITEXPO

I just came across an article by Richard Zippy Grigonis regarding the success of ITEXPO in light of the incredible competition over the years. Reading it, reminded me of shows of the past which I enjoyed going to. Zippy — as many of you know is about the straightest-shooter there is — he tells it as it is — from his vantage point of course.

This is what makes his thoughts are all the more incredible (and humbling) — and Zippy — you are part of the team that allows ITEXPO and TMC in general to flourish. Of course while i am in thanking mode — getting ready to head out to LA for ITEXPO myself — let me extend a hearty thanks to the entire TMC team, our advertisers, sponsors, exhibitors and partners who have allowed TMC to keep growing.

I look forward to seeing you all and thanking you in person this week. Be sure to register now and come on down.

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