Moped 2.0 Blends Social, Messaging and Cloud Storage

There are a plethora of apps to communicate but precious few bubble moped.pngup to the top. Quite often a company comes up with an idea for a service which improves on another form of communications. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite come to mind as examples.

Another new option is Moped 2.0 which goes live as you read this entry and allows users to more easily communicate with their social circles while adding in the capability of sharing media. I like to think of it as social SharePoint.

The company bills itself as open-web messaging and connects with contacts from Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linked In while enabling cloud storage via Dropbox. When you send media to your contacts it is also searchable later through a web-based and mobile application.

The company also has integration with IFTTT – a programmatic service which allows users to have the system automatically take actions based on specific sets of circumstances. An example is automatically saving all photos from an Instagram account to a Dropbox account.

Although the system does not act as an email client it can send you a message when you get a message sent to you via this manner when you are not logged in.

Moped is an intriguing addition to the collaborative process – allowing far richer and more powerful group discussions, work and play sessions. In some ways it overlaps social networking sites from Google and Facebook and in other ways it adds a great deal of value. There are certainly many workgroup applications for this innovative new service and we look forwards to seeing how the market accepts Moped 2.0. Perhaps it will one day be mentioned with the other services mentioned at the start of this post.

Update June 6, 2013 3:36 pm EST:

Moped founder Schuyler Deerman who you may remember as the whiz-kid from Digium and I have a discussion using Moped


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