VPF Summer 2008 Kicking Off


Here are some shots of Shrihari Pandit the chairman of the VPF Summer 2008 conference here in San Francisco and Gary Kim who is keynoting. Shrihari who is standing at the podium thanked us all for coming and Kim explained to use that the service provider market is changing rapidly.

Video growth is happening at an exponential rate he says and for wireless carriers this is a huge deal. These carriers will need to figure out new ways to charge for providing this bandwidth he says. 

He further says service providers need to manage devices in homes (TVs and computers) and if they are too small, they will need to partner with other companies to make this happen. 

Google will continue to be a threat he says and he further says the cable model of having to pay for content is likely going to be replicated by service providers and content aggregators such as the internet companies.

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