Dog Poop Covered Roomba Reminds us the Future of Work Needs Humans

It is common to think machines will take all the work from humans and in many cases, this will happen.

We remind our readers the industrial revolution began in 1760 and since that time, automation started to take ever-more jobs. Still, over this same time, over a billion new jobs were created – many of them much better than what people did before there was automation.

We like to look at the wheel as a great invention that drastically reduced the need for manual labor (jobs) but instead of killing the job market (back in 5,000 BC or whenever man first started using it), it has only spurred new jobs and innovation.

Tesla and the entire EV market is an example of taking this labor-reducing tech and creating millions of jobs as a result.

Speaking of round shaped objects… The AI-vacuum cleaner has been around for years and is a marvel of human engineering.

It can take care of an entire house, allowing no human intervention.

We have become so comfortable with these devices we take them for granted.

Sadly though – from time to time, they get in trouble and remind us that the real future of work involves some human intervention.

For example, when the vacuum cleaner streaks through your dog’s poop and proceeds to “clean” the rest of your house.

This has happened more than once.

Our research has shown many of you read our posts at breakfast or lunch. We promptly ask you to stop reading if this is the case.

Do not under any circumstances view the picture below. Please, no. Don’t do it.

We warned you, didn’t we? 🙂

The future of work depends on the best of AI and humans working together because AI alone can always be improved.

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