Intersect Labs Enables Future of Work

The future of work has numerous meanings – it is ever-evolving but we like to describe it as technologies like AI and ML intersecting with current careers to evolve and better them.

In this manner, workers become more productive and efficient and are able to make higher-value decisions.

This move has been happening since the advent of the industrial revolution – maybe even sooner, since the invention of the wheel meant we didn’t need to carry everything on our shoulders.

At one point in our lives we interacted with a mainframe computer using punch cards. This was the computer equivalent of sadomasochism.

We have seen the power of computing grow exponentially as it democratized.

The original dumb terminals were a giant leap over cards. Even the original Windows, as though it was quite terrible, was a giant leap over the dumb terminal.

Every leap in democratization brought with it unimaginable disruption and economic value.

The challenge with AI is its complexity – there are various models to be considered and a data scientist is generally helpful to have on hand when deploying artificial intelligence in the real world.

Imagine if every worker had access to AI the way they have access to a smartphone.

Intersect Labs wants to go in this direction by allowing data including an outcome variable to be entered and then cycling through ML models until the ideal one is selected. At this point it can be integrated via API into other corporate systems.

Sure, some programming may be involved but a scientist isn’t needed to allow the average worker to access AI.

TechCrunch sees other players in the space as follows: New York City-based Generable (formerly Stan) which uses Bayesian modeling and probabilistic programming to improve drug discovery, while Mintigo which uses AI modeling to improve customer engagement. A huge number of other startups target different stages of the data analysis pipeline as well.

To us, Intersect Labs reminds us of 1010Data who was light years ahead of the market, getting its start in 2000. See our interview above.

The good news is AI continues to become democratized and as it does the Future of Work takes shape. As the tools get better, people become more productive and as this continues, productivity continues to grow. The end result is each job is worth more to a company.

This drives economic growth which lifts many, if not all boats.

Where do organizations go to learn more? The world’s only Future of Work Expo (collocated with the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow) of course. Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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