The Future of Work is Altering Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing business as industry experts believe many business roles will be changed, not necessarily eliminated as a result.

Recently we wrote:

AI is here today and it has been very useful in working with humans to make them far more productive. Peter Thiel, one of the great thinkers in tech in our opinion explains how in his experience and through multiple companies, the combination of AI and humans makes a great team, yielding results better than either, alone. His book, Zero to One details how this works.

There is no question that AI is already transforming the banking and financial services workplaces. Nearly 60% of finance executives plan to implement AI-inclusive learning initiatives to ensure their human employees are equipped to work with AI technologies, while more than half are developing workforce plans that single out the new types of skills and jobs AI integration will necessitate.

PwC recently queried U.S. financial services executives about implementing AI into future plans and half of them said they expect AI to increase their revenue and profits, while 48% believe it will improve their customers’ experiences.

What this tells is is natural language processing, chatbots and automated email responses are the wave of the future.

Contact center agents will still be needed but will move up the ladder to handle more complex interactions while basic tasks will be left to the machines.

Now is the time to start experimenting and trialing these technologies in your business. Your competitors are more and more likely to be doing the same.

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