Enough with the Airplane Gadget Ban

I have been highly skeptical of gadget bans on airplanes as I have seen the rules change repeatedly in a contradictory manner. First you can use laptops during takeoff and landing, then you can’t. Then you can use gadgets but not after the doors of the planes close. First you can’t emit radio signals on the airplane but then WiFi starts being something you can charge for so you can use WiFi but not bluetooth.

If you read the paragraph above it just wreaks of BS – which is what it really seems to be. Consider the fact that corporate jet owners use gadgets and wireless during take-off and landing with no issues. Moreover Air Force One passengers do the same.

I ranted a bit on the matter in an October 2008  post titled Do Gadgets Cause Planes to Crash? And Tom Keating picks off where I left off and goes a bit further in a post titled: Gadget Bans On Airplanes Due to Possible Interference is a Lie!

Moreover, it is quite common for passengers to forget to turn off their electronics such as bluetooth headsets and cellphones on planes and to date there haven’t been issues caused from these mistakes.

Tom’s post is worth a read as it references lab testing of popular devices and discuss how it is impossible for such low radio emission levels to alter airplane communications.

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