Armani, Samsung, Google and Microsoft

I am traveling today – and most of this week in fact. As I get ready to go, there are a few stories that have caught my eye this morning and may be worth a read. The first is the collaboration between Armani and Samsung who together will design a credit card sized phone. Will this be an iPhone killer? Probably not but it will likely be something the ultra-rich will be proud to keep in their virtual (and fat) wallets.
Another item worth reading is from the Wall Street Journal and is an article discussing how Microsoft is pushing the PR levers to stop the Google/DoubleClick merger from taking place. You may recall I mentioned just how much power Google will have after this merger takes place. Here is that article titled Google Achieves Behavioral Targeting Nirvana.

  • Mitesh Rami
    September 25, 2007 at 1:50 am

    yes, technology is meking things better, now you can have internet ready phones in your pocket – and such a merger between 4 giants definately provide you a beter gadget – a complete pc in your pocket while traveling

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