Google Chrome: The Google of Browsers

The long-rumored Google browser may be here. According to this blog, it is called Chrome, is open-source and will do lots of things other browsers already do and some that others don’t. The project has a focus on security and even downloads malicious sites in real-time to ensure unsuspecting users don’t visit them.

Google does need its own browser and even though as an open-source project it is unclear if it will be theirs or belong to the community, the point is they can’t afford to the have browser ownership by other companies who could theoretically try to play middle-man between the user and their services, ads, etc.

What is very interesting is that in the last few years between the office applications and browser, Google is becoming more like Microsoft than Yahoo! It seems to be looking at whatever Microsoft has done and copying. Likewise, Yahoo and Microsoft are copying Google. It is fascinating to see the various approaches to similar problems and which company can develop the ultimate portal.

One thing worth watching is what happens to Google over the years. Will they be able to roll out new projects as quickly when their company balloons to have thousands of products and services?

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