WebRTC Will Disrupt Telecom Big Time

The Phone Finally Meets the Web

There are few technologies in telecom which seem to have generatedwebrtc-logo.png as much excitement as WebRTC – VoIP and SIP come to mind as two others.

With WebRTC, every web browser becomes a communications server. It really is a fundamental shift in how communications systems work.

I apologize in advance for the self-promotion but I feel it is very important to share the following news with you. A few months back TMC co-launched an event in the space called WebRTC Conference & Expo and we have been happily surprised by the top sponsors and conferees who have signed up – very quickly.


Phil Edholm Founder and President PKE Consulting is a partner on this event and explains why WebRTC is a crucial technology you need to know about immediately.

Here is a partial list of sponsors:

Google, Plantronics, Thrupoint, Zingay, Addlive, Drum, Pubnub, Sangoma, Twilio, Ericsson, Tenhands, Bistri, Mozilla, Sansay, Tropo, Priologic Software, Crocodile RCS, Acme Packet, Drum, Bistri, Joyent, Tropo, Add Live, PrioLogic.

I expect the networking opportunities at this event to be huge as you will likely not have access to these players in virtually any other forum. Basically just about every company on the leading edge of tech and telecom.

Also don’t miss these keynotes:

Plantronics   Joe Burton CTO
Thrupoint David Jodoin CIO
Google Hugh Finnan Dir Prod Management
Mozilla Todd Simpson CIO
Ericsson Martin Korling Head of Silicon Valley Research

You need to know about WebRTC if you are a: 

See you there at the South San Francisco Conference Center in California, November 27-29, 2012. Registration is open.

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