Green Conference

The world is going green and TMC wants to be part of the solution. As you may know back in 2002 (see the site courtesy of the WayBack machine in May of that year) we launched a publication called Alternative Power Magazine because we saw the need for alternative sources of energy.
While we were early to spot the need for education regarding alternative energy sources, as of late it has become clear alternative energy is only part of the solution to the earth’s problems.
Increasing pollution and global warming are a few of the problems gaining widespread recognition and the time has come for TMC to have a renewed a focus on this space.
At the next Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Los Angeles, CA, September 10-12, 2007 you will find a full virtual track of green sessions which will be part of the first TMC Green Conference.
Videoconferencing, collaboration, work at home technologies, etc are just a few of the topics you will learn about at this event.
IP communications is actually an amazing technology as it affords us the ability to save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel over the years. Telepresence for example saves not only time but massive quantities of corporate jet fuel. IP collaboration saves not only time but airline fuel and gas for cars.
If you are looking to add the color of chlorophyll to your enterprise, be sure to come to the show and furthermore be sure to drop me a line if you can think of any high level speakers who symbolize the movement to green. If you know any personally this is even better.
If your company wants to be associated with the green movement, please drop me a line about sponsorship opportunities.
One last point. We will likely have our strongest areas of focus on green technology. Don’t expect us to talk about planting oak trees or anything like that (at least not for now. Yes we love trees, we just don’t hug them 🙂 ).
What is exciting to us is technology which reduces energy consumption, carbon footprints and resource waste. In a perfect world this green technology can be easily cost-justified by forward looking enterprises who not only want to make more profit but in doing so reduce damage to the earth.
PS: At some point soon we will get our green website up and running at

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