Wait, Toggl is why HTML5 is so Important?

Some months back Crossfire Media head Joe Mazzeo came to TMC to tell us HTML5 was the future. He showed us some demos and we decided to extend our event and online partnership which encompassed 4G, M2M and other areas into providing a forum for the community of HTML5 designers and developers named DevCon5.

This all came back to me when I read an article from Tim Beyers aptly titled HTML is Bigger Than You Think on Motley Fool about toggl, a simple HTML5 app which uses the cloud as a timer for projects – allowing you to start and stop it from any device.

As Joe mentioned in our initial meeting – it is HTML5 that brings the true power of the cloud to the user and although toggle is a simple app, it proves Joe was right.

The next DevCon5 HTML5 developer conference takes place in Santa Clara, December 7-8, 2011 and you can register now.

My team put out this cool promo today worth checking out as it details some of the companies you can come meet, learn from and network with at the conference.

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