Dell Launches Slew of Edge Solutions

Edge computing is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology – the idea is to bring computing power closer to where the action is. Perhaps in manufacturing where cameras are focused on the manufacturing line and the video feed is sent to edge devices to perform complex AI calculations – looking for defects.

We are literally at the infancy of this amazing computing revolution as the applications for edge-computing seem infinite. Gaming, AR, VR and all variants of AI such as Big Data and ML.

Dell and other companies must be there.

They have to be big players in the biggest growth area since cloud.

Edge, however, by definition needs to be close to where the data is being produced or needs to be received so really, the edge market could be far bigger than cloud – especially for companies supplying the leading-edge tech to make edge happen. Multiple edge facilities will be built in hundreds of thousands of global cities in fact and this number is likely conservative.

The company just unveiled new edge server designs, smaller modular data centers, enhanced telemetry management and a streaming analytics engine.

“As we enter the next Data Decade, the challenge moves from keeping pace with volumes of data to gaining valuable insights from the many types of data and touchpoints across various edge locations to core data centers and public clouds,” said Jeff Boudreau, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “We offer a portfolio that’s engineered to help customers address the constraints of edge operations and deliver analytics for greater business insights wherever their edge may be.”

Here is the new product mix:

Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 server offers dense compute, robust security for edge environments

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 is a compact, “short depth,” high-performance server designed for space-constrained and challenging operating conditions often encountered in edge deployments. As an example, the system delivers the performance, availability and security required for telecommunications customers building out edge networks critical for the implementation of 5G.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 provides a low-latency, two-socket system with the flexibility to add up to four accelerators and 92TB of storage per server to handle growing business application demands as well as analytics. Designed for tough environments, it has Network Equipment-Building System certification with extended operating temperature tolerance and an optional filtered bezel for dusty locations. Front-accessible input/output ad power provide easy access for field serviceability.

Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415 brings the data center to far-reaching and rugged environments

Designed to customers’ specific requirements, this new, smaller Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415 (MDC Micro) offers pre-integrated, enterprise-level data center IT, power, cooling and remote management in a size shorter and narrower than a parking spot. This helps enable customers to deploy a complete data center to what would otherwise be considered non-data center locations, such as the base of a telecommunications cell tower. The MDC Micro provides enhanced physical protection for IT equipment at the edge with extreme temperature-resistant enclosures, key lock doors and option for smoke detection and fire suppression.

Dell EMC iDRAC9 Datacenter software brings remote access for a uniform, more secure server management experience from the edge to the core to the cloud

The new Dell Remote Access Controller, iDRAC 9 Datacenter, embedded management technology adds streaming data analytics capabilities critical for understanding edge operations to all Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. iDRAC 9 Datacenter helps customers meet the requirements for deploying, securing and operating edge environments. Its remote deployment capability can reduce administrator-attended time by up to 99.1% per server after initial setup compared to manual deployment. With streaming telemetry on iDRAC9, customers can discover trends, fine-tune operations, and create predictive analytics to help ensure peak performance, reduce downtime and prevent risk.

New, simplified automated certificate enablement is designed to provide zero-touch security at the edge and in central locations. With up to 20 new metric reports providing nearly 2.9 million data points per server, customers’ IT departments can leverage AI operations to develop custom routines based on the specific data they want to analyze for one, or all, iDRAC9 enabled systems wherever they’re deployed.

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform stores and analyzes edge data

The new Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform allows for ingestion and analysis of streaming data from the edge. Customers may now simplify infrastructure management to help harvest critical business insights and focus on new opportunities to improve their data infrastructure.

This enterprise-ready platform delivers a single solution for all customers’ data (whether streaming or not) that provides auto-scaling ingestion, tiered storage with historical recall on-demand and unified analytics for both real-time and historical business insights. 

In short, Dell is on the leading edge of edge – get it? 😉 They have an impressive array of solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding edge applications. We are especially impressed with the iDRAC 9 Datacenter which helps customers meet the requirements for deploying, securing and operating edge environments as its remote deployment capability can reduce administrator-attended time by up to 99.1% per server.

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