Bluesocket buys Pingtel

One of the fastest growing spaces in communications is the wireless market and it is essential all communications equipment providers address this area. To that end, Bluesocket, a company known in the WLAN and security space has just picked up Pingtel the company behind one of the first open-source PBX projects.
Pingtel started life designing and selling state of the art IP phones. The company won a number of awards for their nice designs but they were way ahead of their time. No one anticipated the IP PBX space having such a market slowdown from 2001-2003.
As the IP phone market did lose traction, Pingtel changed gears and launched an IP PBX and soon thereafter decided to make it an open-source project. The company has sound technology but just never gained the traction or mindshare in the market of Asterisk.
Still, the company has a loyal following.
The combination of a PBX and WiFi company makes a great deal of sense. This can be a very good solution for companies looking to a single vendor for true mobility and communications product depth.
It would be a tremendous loss IMHO if the Pingtel brand is not kept alive. There is still great potential in the SMB communications space and with a larger focus on branding, Pingtel could gain share of market. The best way to proceed is with a strong PBX and WLAN brand. These two product lines could and should cross-promote and sell one another.

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