ITEXPO and Green Technology World

This morning marks the second day on Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and as I eat breakfast I can’t help but wonder if today will be an even better day than yesterday (photos and videos). What blew me away at this show so far was the buzz and amount of press in the press room. This year, our press list was the most impressive it has ever been. Still, we are working on getting even more members of the press for future events.
The conference sessions were virtually all packed (shot 1, 2, 3) and the buzz of buying in the exhibit hall was deafening. We were recording video in the exhibit hall and the problem was there were few places you could record where your voice was not drowned out by the buzz.
Today, in addition to ITEXPO, the Green Technology World conference kicks off.
Not only are many of the IP communications solutions from companies Tandberg, and Polycom also green, I have noticed other similarities between green technology and IP communications.
In both cases there is a dual benefit to deployment. In the case of IP communications people generally approach purchasing because they save money and later they realize productivity soars due the inherent flexibility of packet-based communications. Interestingly, over time this has shifted and companies are now looking to purchase IP communications technology and then realize they will save money in the process.
In the case of green, people seem to be interested in going green in order to save the planet. The side benefit of most green technologies is they also save money. For example I learned yesterday from Simon Gwatkin of Mitel that they have been successfully selling their phone systems in part due to ROI models where their phones which go into sleep mode save a few watts over competitive phones.
I have to finish up now and get over to the exhibit hall. I am really excited to be hosting you all and am glad to have you at the show.

  • Twitter Software
    August 14, 2010 at 8:22 am

    What role do you think Twitter (specifically) and social media (at large) have in helping to further green technology around the world?

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