Single Volume Control

I have to wonder with all this video streaming around the internet if we don’t need a new way to control the volume of these various streams. When scanning for news I often will click on a news story and it will be a video instead of a written story. This is not always apparent before you click. The trouble is these streams are generally based on flash and have embedded volume controls which are sometimes hard to find. So I find myself scrambling to turn the volume down on the computer instead.
Sometimes these Flash streams have no volume control. On one financial network the ads have no volume control but the programming does! Makes no sense.
When finished tweaking individual settings I then need to turn the master volume back up so all my other windows with streaming TV and/or music are at the right level.
The computer industry has invested tens of billions in R&D over the years. It seems a single volume control is something they should develop next.

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