.tel Gaining Momentum

Over 100 registrars will sell the .tel domain name according to Telnic Limited. While it is too soon to know how successful .tel will be as a top level domain name, I am optimistic that it will make communicating easier.

Telnic unveiled the technology that powers .tel service at DEMOfall in San Diego in September. Since then, the domain name has been dubbed as “game-changing”, “the white pages killer” and “the Google of online address books”. A number of brand owners have already started the documentation process to apply for their trademarks with the registrars. The applications for trademarks will be accepted starting December 3rd 2008.

According to VentureBeat
, the service offers a secure way to allow you to navigate the conact information of people you want to track. In addition, the service should allow a simple way to for you to display contacts who are located near you.

I am looking forward to seeing what sort of traction the new domain gets and I also wonder if service providers will need to push us to get us to adopt our own .tel names. Whenever you have a change in technology as grand as this, we always have a lag in uptake as it takes time for people to geet comfortable with doing something new.

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