TMCnet Redesign

Today is a pretty big day for me personally. As you know, TMCnet is the world’s leading site for communications and technology information, community building, etc. In fact this past December 2006 saw our traffic reach just under 2 million unique visitors. Our previous record was just over one million.
This is a number unheard of in the competitive space in which we play and we are proud of this fact.
So while our site is not only successful it continues to shine, we knew it also was a busy site. But the site has done so well for us and the industry we serve we were careful not to change it too much.
Eventually though we decided we should streamline TMCnet making it more customizable while allowing easier access to information depending on your specific needs.
It is for this reason I am happy to unveil phase one of our redesign. We expect further streamlining to take place soon as well as a slew of other enhancements which have been in the works for many months.
I would like your honest feedback on this new look. So far most people think this new design is much better than what we had before. But hopefully a wider audience can give us a more balanced perspective. You can e-mail me directly with comments.

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