I recently had the opportunity to ask Jim Dalton of TransNexus about his business and the direction he is taking the company. As you may recall, I was on a VoIP peering panel with Jim over a year ago.
TransNexus provides  Operations and Billing Support (OSS/BSS) software platforms for VoIP Peering and network interconnect management.
How is IP communications changing your company’s strategy?
TransNexus was founded in 1997 to provide VoIP interconnect and settlement solutions. IP communications is the basis for our existence and has not changed our strategy.
How has SIP changed communications?
SIP applications are easier to develop than H.323. Therefore there are a lot of inexpensive SIP devices and plenty of competition.
What is the biggest request coming from your customer base?
The need to simplify operations and eliminate costs.
How are you answering their demands?
More automation, more intuitive interfaces and more tools for optimizing profits from the network.
What do you think of Google and Apple entering the telecom market?
This is good for companies that are challenging the traditional telecom model before telcos. We think it will be good for TransNexus since our business is focused on managing VoIP interconnects. Telco consolidation is bad for TransNexus while new and different VoIP entrants are good for our business.
How about Microsoft?
The same as above.  Microsoft creates terror in the market for PC applications, but I think they will be just another competitor in the VoIP market.
How will wireless technologies change our market?
I am praying for third option to provide broadband to homes and businesses.
How will communications evolve over the next five years?
I do not know, but the change will be big.
What sorts of things will we be hearing about during your presentation at ITEXPO?
Carrier Interconnect and VoIP peering.

Why is your presentation a “Can’t Miss?”

Most folks do not understand PSTN interconnect policy set by the FCC.PSTN interconnect policy is unraveling, but there is not clear free market alternative.  My presentation will look at the issues.
What do you want the industry to know about your company?
TransNexus software, with Public Key Infrastructure technology enables secure peer to peer interconnection among VoIP carriers without a session border controller – saving capital and expense.

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