Concord Fax Integrations

I just had a chance to sit down here at ITEXPO with Ralph Musgrove who as you may know was instrumental in bringing PC-based faxing to the world via his work at Delrina over ten years ago. More recently he was at Venali and now he works for Concord Fax Integrations where the company has built a SIP based T.38 fax network that is used to host fax services for carriers. So a carrier based on SIP can work with the company to supply their customers with quality fax services without needing to build out their own fax technology. This is an easy for a for a service provider to generate incremental revenue without any CAPEX investment. Very nice. Expect to see the company’s first booth ever at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East in Ft. Lauderdale in January 2007.

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