Have a Safe Trip to ITEXPO

I hope everyone has a safe trip down to Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. The registration numbers are trending nicely above estimates and we expect a stellar event. As always, we have done our absolute best to assemble the most knowledgeable speakers and diverse exhibitors and this show will provide the best IP communications education ever.

As a side benefit I figured I should remind you that flights to Miami are still very cheap and the weather in the US is getting colder. Here is a map of the current temps… Lots of single digits — ouch.

We would love to have you down at the show where you will be able to learn a great deal, network with your peers and enjoy some nice weather and maybe even a mojito.

  • Al Krauza
    January 24, 2008 at 10:59 am

    AdCalls Incorporates Wi-FiTv Station for Marketing, Training and Recruiting of
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    AdCalls Videos of Retail Products, Sales Training Materials and Agency Owner Opportunities have been placed on its newly purchased Wi-FiTv Station. (www.rcalls.com/tv)
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    “Explosive growth can often compromise training and professionalism”, states Al Krauza, President of AdCalls. “For this reason, we chose keep all our product information and training materials immediately accessible to all Agency Owners wherever they are in the world. Our Wi-FiTv Station is available 24/7 for any Agency Owner to use for a live product presentation, Product Training or Recruiting”.
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    AdCalls continually produces videos to be placed on the AdCalls Wi-FiTv Station to keep the Agency Owners up to speed on the most recent products and sales techniques.
    For more information, contact:
    Al Krauza, President
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