Time to Trade Show Like its 1999

Andy Abramson has a brilliant entry supporting events and why you need to go to them. Here are some salient points:

That’s the difference. I’m a player. Not a spectator. Even during my era in sports, I was in the business of sports, playing the business game to win everyday. While I wasn’t on the ice or on the basketball court (though I did play junior box lacrosse for two years when working for a pro lacrosse team) I quickly realized that either you’re a part of the game or your simply a spectator.

So if you’re a real player in an industry, get off your butt and get to where the action is. It’s sure not in the office. And to those of you who racked up frequent flier miles in the past, and hotel points on your companies dime, how about going to the travel manager and offering to use those points to make it to the show your new travel restrictions won’t permit. Real players play through pain and injury. Wussies hide in the locker room and never get off the bench. Creative type professionals find a way to be where the action is, not cast far away glances and trash talk what they’re missing.

Perhaps he has the influence to get people on planes quickly because ITEXPO is doing amazingly well. It has a ton of people and the quality is amazing from what I have seen so far. It also continues to attract people from virtually every continent. Historically about 115 countries are represented each year between the west and east events.

I can tell you the attendance and energy of this event is more like 1999 than what you would expect in 2009. I haven’t felt this in a while. There is excitement, enthusiasm and passion. Let’s face it – you can’t sugar coat the economic environment and the reality is all companies are laying off or will do so soon. Some will have continuing layoffs.

But all this means is the remaining people have to do more work and get the job done. Because if they don’t, bye bye company.

Today’s communications tools are the best way to maximize productivity and efficiency and they are needed immediately in every company – and needed now.

This is likely why this show is so darn busy. See the photos for yourself. Hope to see you here soon. 🙂




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