CloudBerry Lab Becomes MSP360

CloudBerry Lab, a leading provider of multi-cloud data backup and recovery solutions with over 7,000 MSP customers has announced rebranding under the MSP360 name and the appointment of former Veeam executive Brian Helwig as CEO. 

Why? Obviously they want to convey who their target audience is. We believe Cloudberry is a great name too but it also reminds us of a delicious breakfast cereal we ate as a child. 🙂

In an exclusive interview with Brian Helwig, we asked why he was excited about this opportunity. He said, “The MSP space is very hot right now. CloudBerry/MSP360 is in a great position to continue our growth and expand our reach beyond just cloud backup. Having the opportunity to lead this next phase of growth is not only something I’m excited about but it’s also something that I have experience with. Having been in leadership positions at 2 fast growth companies, Veeam and Netwrix, I’m ready to take MSP360 to the next level.”

Brian’s impressive experience seems to tie in nicely. We asked him about it and he said, “I’m all about building great teams. Weather it’s the support, development, sales or marketing team my experience in all of these areas means I know what it takes. Building great teams also means knowing when you need to hire the right expertise. MSP360 will be growing in several areas over the next several quarters and I’ve been working hard to get the right teams and metrics in place.

We asked about challenges – wondering what could slow growth if anything. Brian said, “Currently our biggest challenge is hiring. We have several open positions and finding the right people has been somewhat challenging. We’ll be working hard over the next several months to increase the visibility of MSP360 and attracting top industry talent to help us grow.”

We asked for one important point all MSPs should know and he said, “We want MSPs to know that we’re here for them and that we’re 100% focused on the MSP market. As our new name reflects, we’re planning on adding to our portfolio to ensure the success of MSPs everywhere.”

Of course, no interview would be complete without asking about the future and he responded:

2019 is a transitional year for us. We’re focusing mostly on building the teams needed to help us grow and ensure the success of or MSP partners. In 2020 we’ll be taking things up a notch and introducing new products and services for MSPs. It’s too early to say exactly what those will be but we have big plans moving forward.

Certainly, it sounds like exciting times ahead for the MSP market. With ransomware proliferating and hacks now costing an average and jaw-dropping $3.92 million, they really need to make sure their clients are backed up.

We are excited MSP360 and about their new name. We also are happy for Kellogg as there is a new name available for a breakfast cereal targeted at managed service providers. 🙂

We invite MSPs to come learn more about the latest in IT…

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