New Pulseway Mobile Remote Control puts RMM in your Tech’s Pocket

RMM vendor Pulseway just released new Mobile Remote Control built directly into its mobile apps on iOS and Android meaning customers can now access files and applications and help users and control remote systems as if they were sitting right in front of it from anywhere at anytime.

At the beginning of the year, you may remember, the company launched MSP Toolkit that offers existing Pulseway customers the opportunity to enhance their current marketing activities by customizing Pulseway generated campaigns with their own logo and go-to-market differentiation. 

Pulseway Mobile Remote Control enables simple and fluid remote access to monitored systems for unattended support. Built using a proprietary protocol optimized for best performance, it allows the user to control any user session on the computer. There is no need to open ports to access the systems, Pulseway handles the communication for its users while keeping all the traffic encrypted end-to-end. The new feature can be accessed through the built-in Remote Control feature in the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway

“Pulseway was designed from the start with the idea to give our customers the freedom to respond to urgent inquiries and perform critical actions on the go,” said Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway. “That’s why introducing the Mobile Remote Control to the Pulseway app was critical to us and our customers. Regardless of the user’s location and nature of the issue, Pulseway’s customers can now perform actions on the needed device with no limitations.”

Pulseway Remote Mobile Control is part of the Pulseway RMM solution. It comes at no extra cost and with an unlimited number of remote sessions to help clients cut their business expenses while eliminating the need for multiple remote monitoring solutions.

Pulseway’s built-in Mobile Remote Control also helps with securing systems. By using traditional Remote Desktop solutions, for example, the user would have to open inbound ports allowing access from the internet in a corporate network. Now, the users can remote into the system straight from the mobile apps by navigating to the system from a notification, selecting which user session they want to connect to and they are in.

“The launch of the new Mobile Remote Control as a part of my RMM solution will enable me to save a lot of money and eliminate the need for multiple monitoring solutions,” says Eric Thorup, owner of TEK Computer Consulting.

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