XaaS1 Brings Technology-as-a-Service to MSPs

Rick Beckers is a serial entrepreneur who has been in tech for almost all of his adult life – starting as a typewriter repairman.

For those of you who remember typewriters, you also know these were as essential then as computers are today. Since they were full of moving parts, they broke fairly often.

Having access to the typewriter repairman was essential to being able to run a business and Rick is bringing this same concept of being “essential,” to MSPs.

He is CEO of XaaS1 – which stands for Technology-as-a-Service.

He said:

The digital transformation of the technology industry is fully upon us now. XaaS1 is a digital distributor of all things technology that can be procured on a subscription basis. Compute, storage, connectivity, telecom, telephone, software, cyber security, video surveillance, Internet-of-Things, energy, and so much more!

He continued:

Our goal is to provide pre-sales consulting, vendor management, order processing, provisioning, and post-sales support to technology professionals that seek solutions to their business problems through the use of technology. When we are done we will be able to provide all of these things through a single sign-on web-based platform where all vendors can be procured, provisioned, and managed from a single dashboard. A technological administrative breakthrough! We are seeking vendors, investors, and business partners of all kinds who are interested in joining on this Industry 4.0 game-changing endeavor!

“I noticed MSPs were using antiquated products to sell,” he exclaimed.

This is when he saw the move to everything-as-a-service and developed a single-sign-on platform with access to over 200 vendors in the following categories:

  1. Carrier Circuits – Internet/Data/Voice, Cable/Fiber/SIP/SD-WAN, etc.
  2. Cloud Service Provider – Microsoft/AWS/Alibaba/Google/IBM/ (National/Regional/Local Datacenters, Servers/Storage/Redundancy
  3. UCaaS Provider – Hosted Telephony Solutions
  4. Wireless Providers – All Major Cellular Carries/MVNO’s/IoT Providers
  5. Managed Security Service Provider – Firewall/Compliancy/Password Mgt./Endpoint/Mobility/IoT/Cloud Video-as-a-Service – Solutions for all project types
  6. Software-as-a-Service – Dozens of Popular Titles/ Unique MSP Tools/ Line-of-Business Applications
  7. Business Services – Financing/Cryptocurrency/Payment Processors/Marketing-as-a-Service/Energy-as-a-Service/Reputation Monitoring
  8. Collaboration – SMS Messaging/Video Conferencing/CRM/File Sharing/Signature Processing
  9. Internet-of-Things – Servers/Sensors/Analytics/Edge Routers/SaaS
  10. Technical Services – Pre-Sales Design Architecture, Post-Sales Helpdesk & Support, Customer Service, Vendor Management

The console allows agents to log in, handle opportunities, renewals, quotes and orders. They can see, provision and then manage subscriptions.

XaaS1 has master service contracts with vendors allowing them to be at the top-tier of comp plans and they also use vendor MDF funds to generate leads for agents and vendors.

The company is in some ways similar to Pax8 who we’ve written about before but XaaS1 goes deeper – carrier circuits and IoT for example.

A similarity between the two is they both encourage MSPs to shift to recurring service models. This not only assists in managing the business, it makes the MSP more valuable to potential acquirers.

XaaS1 fills a valuable need in the market – collecting and normalizing various products and services into a single interface, allowing MSPs and the channel to focus on customers and growing the business, not handling multiple product interfaces.

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